Ilovechickens gt



I finished speckled rabbit steampunk girl :sunglasses::sunglasses: but i cant post it bc no wifi


Im going to make the black horse goth


As it should be


what about pokemon
i know that already exists but i think that everyone could make really nice character designs
maybe just starters and then branch out depending on how many people would want to do?


theres a lot of pokemon


yeah but only like a few or the starters/ most popular


i find that route cowardly tbh


yeah i can see why its kinda more popular and overdone


You already know whats Next I. I humanize the fortnite loot llama.




Imagine finding out the person who voiced your anime waifu has also voiced someone from thomas the tank engine


In that case im going to do the pong paddles


Idk im just going 2 keep drawing stuff for the minecraft girls even when theyre all designed bc cool


if the xenoblade chronicles fandom doesnt constantly do these memes im not interested


This is what I’m talking about this doesn’t even look like it’s from a transformers show it’s so bad :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Ppl think they have hopscotch drama :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: please HMU when you’ve cyberbullied yourself for attention and gave up after a day or two because of how guilty you felt then well talk :relieved::relieved:


please elaborate on this i want all the ilc tea


Ok so u know how. When I was on hopscotch I was eleven and I just did whatever popped into my little gremlin mind. Well i


Ugh I’m so embarrassed about this still


I made my own hate accounts on hopscotch and cyber bullied myself on hopscotch for a full, like, two days bc I wanted attention