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Agjgdgjdktstj thats what it is though


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so the transformers have fursonas.


ā€¦ yeah. They dont actually look very cool.


Whos the best looking one


minecrafft girlsā€¦hhhhhhhhehehehehehejejeheheeheehehejejeheheheheehjeheejehehehehehehehehheehehheehehehehehheheheehehheheheheheehheeh



Ive only watched the 1st episode of beast wars and none of them are




The one i hate most is optimus primal everytime i see him i cry


Very bad! Very bad picture! We werent meant to see this!


I dont know what to say optimus primeā€™s fursona is a gorilla its like if a humans fursona was a roomba


The minecraft mobtalker zombie fails to give me any emotional resposne


It looks so much worse in the show bc the animation is really really ugly


I look at it and immediately forget ive seen it


Neither furries nor mecha drawers can draw them


at least the other characters leave a presense whether good or bad the zombie just exists


@AmiiboTrash You can be free from the 3 consecutive post rule

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After we finish the minecraft girls what are we doing next


Excellent question i Dont know


I wish i had paper w/ me i want to draw nautica bc. She. Is gorgeous