Ilovechickens gt



Sub to Markiplier😏


Please stop trying to start something. I am not going to debate peediepie with you. No one is. It is pointless. None of us will benefit from it. Unless you would like to participate in the conversation i am having with myself on my gt about how i want to date transformers ladies, i would appreciate you not posting vague and unnecessary things like this in the hopes someone will respond. Thank u.


pewdiepie literally like paid people to hold up a sign saying ‘death to all jews’, wore a nazi uniform once and said the n word recently

yeah people are entitled to their own opinion i know that but no amount of apologies nor opinions can change what he has said and done.

besides pewdiepie unfunny.


Thats Correct, but not if that opinion, like racism or anti semitism, is harmful to other people.


I think the spider transformer lady is hot


Opinion to like PewDiePie’s videos…
Not what he said…


I repeat. Please stop posting. About peediepie. I do not want discourse on my topic. Thank u.


Pewdeepie unfunny

Spider lady hot


Yes. Markiplier is cool too!


alright you had your argument now pack up your possie and go do something else


I just said I like Markiplier…
What is the issue?


sub to me please. TheOneAndOnlyKayro. thanks.


I like the one with thin legs. When i saw her crawl i…oh!!!


I thought you weren’t Kayro.


Wait actually only beast wars black arachnia has b00bs tfa blackarachnia is good


oh right umm, I’m not I’m, Harper. Errr. Kayro just tells me to write stuff for her, from time to time.


G irl fr iend…


Dont worry we’ll keep silent about it :shushing_face:



I dont know anything about transformers or transformers furry wars but spider
Lady hot ooga booga


: ) ye. thx.