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Thanks in pretty proud

She has…fins for hands


Cultish 12 year olds be like Sub to peediepie :laughing::laughing: he only has 200 million subscribers :pensive: we have to help him!! Peedie fans unite! Tseries :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign: is *insert racial slur * and gay :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign: peeds is ultimate memelord!! He will rule the interner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: birch lasagna haha​:+1::+1: he didnot is a racism :angry::angry::angry: peediepie needs us!! Sub to peedie!!


I doubt people care about small creators they just want their ‘offensive meme king’ to be the top dog


Stop putting internet personas up on pedestals challenge 2k19 especially when they have done not so great things,


Its juust a huge publicity stunt on peedies part like. Tseries is an entire company or something and they just post indian music videos. Im so tired of the trend of obsession and idolization of so called internet personalities which is so obnoxious and unhealthy and also. The entire thing is so annoying i went from uncaring to subscribing to tseries out of spite. Pewdipie fans are literally making their own enemies.


Someone saying 'sub to pewdiepie 'tells me more about their personality than anything else they could say


i heard that if an indian person makes a youtube account they’re automatically subbed to t series.

And honestly why does that matter? pewdeepieceofgarbage has repeatedly said terrible things and thinks they’re all just ‘xD funne meemees’


all teenage boys have more cultish personalities than teenage girls.

Sure theres the pumpkin spice and ugg boots but tbh id rather be with a teenage girl overzealous about pumpkin spice starbucks lattes than some teenage boy that unironically says sub to pewds


Just because its a joke doesnt mean its actually funny or ok to do all of a sudden :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Its like, he literally doesnt need this, the entire competition is fabricated and unnecessary and just some ploy to make good old pewdie pie more money he doesnt care about his fans and even if he hadnt done as many controversial things as he has the continuous sub to pewds thing is so annoying


and he’s not even that funny tbh he just repeats memes and only a handful of memes are funny


if you’re going to ‘support’ indie developers at least support someone talented


Why do collegeskeep emailing me it makes me so Am i supposed to respond.


Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion


Theyre all formatted like they expect a response but, listen john from wsu i have anxiety and i do not want my “off the beaten path: guide to college” book pls dont email me ur making me feel guilty


I take back every mean thing ive ever said about arcee i love her will she be in the idw reboot @hasbro


Not all teenage boys say “Sub to Pewds” …


*thinking about taoo chromia * when will my wife return from war


Id expect that sentence from someone who doesnt say subscribe to pewdiepie


Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion