Ilovechickens gt



Oh no. Why did Arcee have to be disintegrated?


Seriously, go check my GT.


Cyberverse soundwave displays emotions with the little lines on his shoulders and thats… that’s really cute i like that


I wanna post screenshots of cv shockwaves expression sheet because I Love it but the forum is being dumb >:((


U can tell a lot about a person by the tabs they have open on their phone


Every time g1 jazz says ‘let’s boogie on out of here’ in The God Gambit like if you agree


Yeah lol
Mmm frozen hot cocoa (not shown) and eclairs


Advice time with ilc: If you put chocolate ice cream in hot chocolate after you make it it’s really good. also. dipping sea salt potato chips in hot chocolate/chocolate ice cream? :pensive::pensive::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Would anyone at the school system like to inform me as to why the bus was 30 minutes late today ha ha


@Awesome_E fortune

:crystal_ball: -1 k⁣i⁣l⁣l⁣e⁣d the gas tank on the bus and left it stranded on the road


Who ever designed cyclonus’ holomatter avatar over @ Hasbro went OFF I mean seriously
^^^ we stan whoever made the executive decision on this


I could honest to god just post my enderman waifu design and say it was humanformers tarn and yall would believe me. I would believe me. Ofc tarn would be more Buff but its. The mask. Tarn or tfp soundwave :((


Try making her more… alien. Like she really isn’t from this dimension.

Maybe add the teleportation particles.


Hey @ChickenGirl, could you maybe draw me using the Octahedron of Transcendence to destroy the unholy fusion that is Kaylo Ren?

First, I will split her up into her two halves: Kayla and Kylo.

Second, I will SCRONCH KYLO REN!

This is the Octahedron.

Draw me in my casual outfit, but replace the green with their respective shades of blue. Draw the real me, not my persona.

Kayla and Ben never should’ve fused. They’re like Malachite: Lapis and Jasper.


Uhhhh idk might be a little ambitious for me :pp


Ah, the Octahedron is easy. It just looks like a glowing yellow octahedron.

Ok, maybe just draw me making Kayla and Kylo unfuse. Don’t forget to make my eyes glow and set it in space.

There are no wispy energy effects, but maybe put a warble filter on the two halves of Kaylo, since the Octahedron is a surreal memes thing.


Somebody help me I need a good color scheme for her


Try adding more blue to the sea green.


Thank you healey bot, she looks nice now!


Turquoise and orchid is always a great color combination.