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EXCUSE I i am a very young person who is only five and will horse be happy D:


Read the post ChickenGirl made that I replied to! The reply that you initially replied to when you made me angry?! READ THE CONTEXT OF THE SITUATION!


Horse says no but be happy always


Yes I am very happy vertical lines are falling the mRshalllmeo qihtout me


Its ok Healey, it wasn’t super bad, Ilc and i dont take any offense and anyway it’s better to ignore him if he says something too flamey
Thanks for allying though :sparkles:


Go make me a s’mores


@SarcasticTvHead @Petrichor not to be rude but do y’all mind moving this somewhere else


Sorry I’ll do that rn


I will not just sit there and let Petrichor disrespect gays.


It’s a great sentiment thank you💗 but we all know he just says these things 2 get a reaction, so it better to ignore him and not start something


He does this to me a lot and even tho i know he doesn’t do it on purpose i still somehow get mad


Why would I have to go read

Another comic series

Just to know what happens during a fundamental part of this series


Ok seriously Why is bayonet here no one knows who she is, she wasn’t in any heart of darkness issues, and she looks like a fortnite skin


Why’s everyone acting like she’s an established character aaaaaaah


Oh so we’re just going to do this whole thing with alternate dimensions and necromancy and vampires and zombies and freaking time travel and the undermind or whatever in a 2 part series and then never talk about it again? In any other series including the heart of darkness volume infestation supposedly slots into? Alright. That’s fine.




Wheelie has been living on this planet with these weird buff orc guys for actual millennia and they call him the Jangle Man I can not.


If i see someone say ‘sweaty’ to say ‘sweety’ instead and they use multiple question marks im going to go feral those kind of people anger me for some reason


I do believe there is a sort of tumblr srt style. But not in the sense of ‘FORCED LGBT! TUMBLR NOSE!’ Or anything like that i cant explain it but its there


Me, lying on a satin red chaise lounge, in my best red dress, swirling dr pepper in
a wine glass: no, no. Carry on mr Hartman. Tell me everything about the christian values in fairly odd parents and how mpreg directly relates to these values