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Hmmm transformers prime and transformers animated are probably the best quality shows out there, and as far as comics go more than meets the eye /lost light are Awesome. There’s lots of like, robo-gore in that though so if that’s a problem probably steer clear from the idw comics in general. Pretty much every other show is laughably bad and I dont know much about comics beyond the most recent wave of idw so in conclusion ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Rescue bots is the best show.


i grew up in this show and can confirm because this is my sole exposure to transformers


Transformers prime is like, objectively the best, good animation and whatver, but kinda… heavy on the exposition
Animated is more lighthearted kinda, more cartoony. It’s fun I just like to nitpick its plot bc it seems kinds thrown together w/out a bigger plan. Wish we got season 4 :((
The comics are good, but like, heavy robo gore and mild language and darker themes. Also i started reading them out of order and there’s a lot of series but if you want to read those, uh start with more than meets the eye and lost light or robots in disguise and til all are one/ the windblade miniseries , they run at the same time so it doesn’t matter which one
Robots in disguise 2015 is maybe my least favorite piece of transformers media bc its supposed to be a sequel to prime but has none of the charm and all of the annoying filler and bad pacing
Rescue bots is perfect
Cyberverse is pretty, painfully average, that’s the newest show and it’s ok but kinda rushed?
The Unicrin trilogy (armada, idk the other two) have Horrible Horrible dubs, laughably bad, made by people who think they can just give characters whatver name they want
Idk about the old robots in disguise show or like superg0d masterforce or any of the other Japanese shows but they have bad dubs also I think
I haven’t watched beast wars because I dislike the animation so I have nothing to say about it


I dont actually know what order the idw comics are supposed to be read i think ilc made a guide somewhere


I’ve only gotten as far back in idw as all hail megatron, but I’m reasonably certain the reading order from there is all of those Volumes I’m reading now (for all mankind, chaos, whatever), then I think ex-rid, windblade miniseries-> taao, which ran at the same time as optimus prime and mtmte/ll. The dark cybertron arc was in the middle of that and then?? Unicron?? Ugh I need to check some sources on this hmn theres a billion lists on tfwiki let me see sorry someone this is just me trying to test my cognitive abilities at this point


Whfgsbjk…wh… why would this need to be in the character sheets…


I am Greatly intimidated by cyberverse wheeljack


dont like that


The problem with musical fandoms, or musical fandoms when I was in them two years ago, is like…there’s 3 jokes and they all have to share. Everybody’s posting the same 5 ‘incorrect quotes’ from Brooklyn99 or who ever, everyone’s drawing the same dramatic fan art for One song, and everybody’s blowing a single lyric out of proportion to make a Funny Random XD joke to pepper in their group chat fics. They post the same song lyrics over and over, they write the same college aus…it’s just so dull and obnoxious. There’s not any in depth discussion of characters or motives or whatever (not that there’s expected to be), it’s just ‘*insert character here * is a soft gay bean uwu’ and the like and I just think it’s unbearable. Anyway really glad I don’t go there anymore


I’m so wary of Those Straight Girls who are like ‘smol gay bean owo’ and the like. I’m sure they’re trying to ally in their own way? But the only way they know is to make feminine overtly stereotypical gay ocs with flower crowns and pastel palettes and I don’t trust that for whatever reason. Hm maybe I’m just overly judgmental


My nose started bleeding in geometry but I didn’t get any on the desk so John said I was an expert bleeder but I’ve never even had a nosebleed before so this qualifies as the most interesting thing to happen to me all week


thanks for sharing


That’s hardly subtle, but ok


I remember back in like 5th grade during Testing, a boy at the table I was at suddenly started to nosebleed and after he went off to the nurse another girl came over to the door and started to sanitize it


Oh. Oh,t this is the infamous volume 4: Transformers: Heart Of Darkness that I am reading right now. O Kay!





It’s the crab people…


This guys Art is such a mood


They rushed to stop me.