Ilovechickens gt



Elsa does EPIC dab




I try to radiate tremendous Dont Talk To Me energies @ school idk how well it’s working though bc this one idiot keeps trying to interact with me >:((


U think u have the right to just come up and say words to me? And then, what, I respond? U think u can just, have a conversation with me? Un-be-liev-a-ble


When u accidentally allow urself to dwell on ur Anxiety Spiral for ur biweekly cry session in the car ride home but it’s not as long a car ride as u thought so when u get home u have all this uninhibited stress with no outlet L. o. L. :partying_face::partying_face:


Ya girl is in need of some emotions that are not Stress hm probably gonna read mtmte again


Ok mental health oversharing time is over its 2019 kids time to up our game Quality Posts Only :sunglasses::sunglasses::partying_face::facepunch::ok_hand::ok_hand::clap::rainbow_flag::fire::fire:




Drowning in a well in Minecraft while trying to change your skin to a cat pic.


This is my current skin
Has a creeper on the back


Rabbit boy confirmed for transformers comic 2


U stole my joke rot in hell


Cyclonus look behind you there’s an even bigger rabbit coming oh my god look out


Metroplex/whatever the other titan was in the bg got a SNatched waist


It has to be metroplex no other titan is that snatched


I dont understand ‘volume 1: for all mankind’ or any following volumes and I dont like how readcomiconline .me only lets me read page by page and I just want to see what the deal was mtmte briefly mentioned with cyclones and vector sigma…please idw, I dont have the reading comprehension for this


At least it’s not illustrated by livio ramondelli as pretty as his painting stuff is it gives me a headache and the actual drawings under all that tfp-esque texture are…not that good. Unfortunately the current artist has mashed g1s bright colors with the bayverses ugly faces so rip I guess


lol u sound like quite the promising transformers(i think this is about?) connoisseur.


Thank you I pride myself on my excessive knowledge and commentary on transformers shows & comics :sparkles:


lol whats the objectively best transformers series/show/comic?

i might give that one a go since i havent really seen much apart from bay movies (not on purpose oof)

so yeah.