Ilovechickens gt



Oh no oh god she has AirPods In she can’t hear you oh god-


I have a very tiny scar on my forehead because Sarah threw a fire truck at me when I was 2


Does your mom do this when you’re 5 states away from her and you forget to call?


i remember when it only took me like 10 minutes to finish a drawing…30 minutes tops…ah. good times.


of course the difference between now and then would presumably be that i used to use the smudge tool and dip pen to shade whereas now I’m putting in some actual effort, using lots of brushes and trying desperately to make it look good


if anyone says anything to me about my writing i will SNIPE THEM i am a fragile soul and easily embarrassed


G1 box art stresses me out a lot


Someone needs to go to JAIL for this


There’s a great example of the duality of man on display here as far as awful/not awful box art goes, I think. For example

These 6 images

image image image

^^ good, friendly, kind

THESE 6 images

image image

^^ >:(




These disgust me physically. I cannot look at them too long before certain barbaric tendencies threaten to overtake me and send me into a wild frenzy. But there is one. That I hate. Above all


this. This image is the one I hate above all others. It haunts me, it destroys me, it overtakes every waking moment of my life. Look at this fiendish thing and tell me there is a god left in this world, I dare you


Why are there two ravages


I literally cannot describe how much I hate this


look at this thing. Look at its arms. Look at its face. I want to kill it and make it dead so it cannot hurt me anymore but it’s just an unreasonably ugly picture of cliff jumper so I cant


Are you scarred by the image?


It is definitely a possibility


Wow I got REALLY mad about this last night huh. Valid ig that image is disgusting


I feel threatened by this ngl




Why does this slap :((