Ilovechickens gt



Orion pax just wouldn’t auto-butt out, cue millions of years of civil war thanks Orion


This was wilder with every sentence


School is boring work is boring I finished the One drawing I had to work on but I cant post it thx to the schools crappy wifi and now I have nothing to doooo :((((



I just spent 20 minutes writing about myself so read now


You can finish the PowerPoint for english


i have certain animalistic instincts and one of them includes this


This abrupt summarization of the past 14 years pertaining to your actions really puts the continued passage of time into perspective. ‘8th grade doesn’t count’ is the Biggest Mood I’ve seen in weeks


I haven’t watched this yet but I’m already on edge


I can’t remember anything before 6th grade oof


Its snowing outside but it wont stick so I’m stuck in school still


Hiding in the bathroom during break so no one tries to talk to me


I got stitches when I was 7 and now I have super epic scar on my eyebrow.
I could make up a cool story how I got it but really I just was under the table with a toy and then I stood up and slammed my head into the table.


Today at work my mom was talking to her coworker but he had earbuds in so she said ‘oh my god he has AirPods in he can’t hear me’ bc she spends too much time around her cool kids. Also she sent me these images today as you can see


All my dad does is send faceboo k memes to the group chat but yesterday he annihilated me by bringing up the pyrrhia prophecy and then he dabbed and I’m livid about it


What a weirdo


u dummy u don’t fit What r u Doing


Cats like boxes it de-stresses them too


It’s illegal she doesn’t fit


Kitty you don’t fit you will go to jail stop stop oh my god