Ilovechickens gt



adds “Ilovechickens is awesome” to the title


Im grabbing him and he looks betrayed :(


That tree in the background looks like it has eyes and a duck beak and I like that


Also chef Kawasaki is…as tall as a man?


Thats whispy woods and thats his n o s e and eyes


Basically yeah

The perfect size for a full body embrace


I would hug him he looks like he would be squishy


I adore the way wasp talks. Baby? He’s baby?


The windblade miniseries ROCKED


It’s a shame tfa didn’t get a 4th season. I really liked what they were setting up with sentinel as the magnus. The subversion of the autobots rebelling against functionalism into the autobots perpetrating functionalism against the warframes is really interesting to me, and I would’ve loved to see how they handled that. Not to mention the zillions of characters from the allpsark almanac we never got to see. I would pay good money to see an episode of tfa with cosmos.


What I thought was especially intriguing was how…antagonisty the decepticons were presented. Like clearly, from the lore we know, the decepticons were unreasonably subjugated. But was it actually justified? are ‘warframes’ unable to prevent their violent coding? Would tfa have started presenting them as more sympathetic or not? How would they possibly turn sentinels propaganda and posturing into something the audience could support. There’s no denying how creepy all that ‘keep your eyes open’ ‘decepticons could be among us’ stuff was. Whyhh didn’t we get a s4 of tfa I have so many questions


Is this transformers or am i wrong because if i am im so sorry im trying


Yes I think this is transformers


I remember when I used to have a sign on my wall that said Life is art live yours in color
I’ve been depressive ever since I took it down I think I should hang it back up


Which boy is uglier I honestly can’t decide

  • Boy #1
  • Boy #2

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Wow we have a disgustingly large amount of transformers toys. Look at all that money gone down the drain


Every night from December-February in 5th grade cg, me, and our little brother would put our pajamas on inside out, steal a spoon from downstairs and put it under our pillows, and gather in our brothers’ room to engage in a bizarre ritual that involved raising our stuffed animals to the north, south, east, and west, and praying for the spirits to blow snow our way. We would then recite the Lords Prayer and ask God Himself for snow before going to bed and thinking intensely about snow until we fell asleep.


And backwards