Ilovechickens gt



Why is he suddenly wearing short sleeves on the last two panels


Global warming



Honestly talk about glow up thank you Travis knight




Rescue bots season 2 episode 8: kade is traumatized by his siblings telling him scary gremlin stories for actual years


I don’t understand the pewdiepie vs tseries thing like one is a gaming channel who says racial slurs and flirts with alt right rhetoric with totally rabid fans and the other is? Literally an Indian music channel? It’s an entire organization I don’t think they’ve even made any videos regarding the tseries vs pewdiepie thing I’m so confused ??


…little boy?


Tarantulas keeps saying hyah??


Why are nick roches writing stints so depressing? Like I guess I should expect Intense Character Trauma And Death from miniseries with names like’Last Stamd Of The Wreckers’ or ‘Sins Of The Wreckers’ but still. The thing w/ springer and tarantulas made me crie :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


Wow, spotlight: blurr … really is just the plot of cars


Well yeah except the war


Not really did you watch cars?? The growing political unrest associated with the kings retirement and the split factions of Radiator Springs and the racing circuit, not to mention the moral dilemma they highlight within McQueen mirror cybertrons conflict at the time of spotlight; blurr perfectly and they both lead into a millennia long war so ??


Cars 2 expressly followed maters journey from civilian to soldier and the conflict he found within himself as he was forced to rise above his troubled past to defend his friends and home so I don’t know what you’re going on about


Cars3: chic hic goes on trial for his war crimes and is exiled to be judged by a long lost cult of legendary racers, joining a voyage led my lightning mcqueen to recover the aforementioned racers




Wait a minute


It’s true google it


Preceptor SNAPPED. pulled guns out of his thighs. Legendary. this man was the only one getting anything done for most of all hail megatron w/ the exception of drift


Sound wave and his deranged children. I like that


Eternally upset about bayverse Optimus tbh. Not only is he ugly as H*CK, but m *chael b *y somehow managed to completely remove all of appeal as a character by stripping away his reputation as a great leader and focusing entirely on him as a warrior and a weapon. Optimus Prime is a GOOD. MAN. he doesn’t deserve to be reduced to some mindless battle bot whose only use is being pointed in the direction of the latest big bad. His emotional depth dives to negative 100, any feelings he displays in the movies are rendered irrelevant by how edgy and battle oriented he generally is. Where is the Optimus who protects his soldiers and humanity with his life, whose compassion and bravery make him the autobots best leader. where is he michael