Ilovechickens gt



The new Mario family episode dropped tell ya friends


Me editing skills are essentially nonexistent thank god for iMovie tbh


The extent of my technology skills is sometimes I press the space bar to pause a YouTube video when I’m on my computer


“one time i saw antony eat a pencil”


I really love the mario family thank yoy so much


Your welcome I spent two hours wandering around Home Depot trying to remember all th jokes!


Babies First Existential Crisis


zoe would like to offer her condolences


Thank you buttercup feels much better now and she is chewing on things she should not have to show how okay she is doing!


Buttercup real food is for chewing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All these Iconic Transformers actors really do this amazing voice work. And then. They all just look like some suburban white dad who’s kids just left for college and he doesn’t know what to do with his life now that he can’t live vicariously through his eldest son’s ametuer football career so he just drinks beer on the weekends with his work buddies and complains about his wife and buys a new grill every 4 months to spice things up a little. Peter Cullen looks like he would pat me on the back and gravely inform me that he doesn’t support the homosexual lifestyle, but I can still be saved. Fran k Welker looks like the kind of man who watches the news and gripes that people are too easily offended these days and he admires trump because he speaks his mind. I’m so upset


If you say hewwo to my dog she goes bonkers


Hewwo Buttercup


All the problems in bots were caused by the following:

  • homophobia


Alpha Trion was the first straight ally on cybertron, and the last


In the beginning of bots optimus really is just a depressed widower who adopts children to cope with his ex-boyfriend becoming a genocidal tyrant


The original Decepticon lineup: megatron and his bf, The Chad Lesbian, nb goth icon beta, Soundwave The Trans Man


Smoking hot take: bots megatron & Orion pax have an excellent nerd-jock dynamic but OP is the jock and megatron the nerd


‘You can give me the body of a Chad but my mind and soul will always be that of a poet’
-Megatron of Tarn in his first reactionary piece, ‘Open Letter To The Functionists Of Cybertron’


I haven’t watched an episode of rid15 that’s Not ‘Can You Dig It’ in. Months??? Yeah, months