Ilovechickens gt



Bumblebee was okay.
Between that one and Into the Spiderverse, gotta go with Spiderverse.


I do not begrudge you that spider verse was Epic. ! I just have been waiting a long time for a tf movie that is not from m*chael b *y so I appreciate bb lots


To demonstrate the power of flex tape




L e n g t h w a y s


I’d post the picture of ambulance being sawed in half at this point but I don’t wanna disturb ppl w/ robo gore



That is his name, is it not?




image image


Every once in a while after I’ve beaten a boss and I’m feeling confident in my abilities megatron likes to show up and bully me


Insecticons have been hiding in garbage cans! Smash through as many as you can before they swarm!


I stroll through the movie theater, sipping from my g1 bumblebee mug. ‘Excuse me miss,’ a concerned employee says. ‘No outside food or drink allowed in the theater.’ I make direct eye contact and tip the mug upside down. Hundreds of pennies spill out onto the floor. ‘A girls gotta pay for her tickets somehow.’ I say with a slight smile, and walk away.


So were you…sipping…pennies?






this is why I love you,.


truly iconic


i showed my friend and he was in awe


Um did you actually dump tons of pennies onto the floor