Ilovechickens gt



Kimber looks like she wants to run me over with a car


Yes she does


big! brown! eyes! i’m! in! love!


Ikr that little cute snout and that huge happy smile top it off!!


Transformers prime but after the war some of the vehicons name themselves after keyboard keys like ‘shift’ or ‘control-alt-delete’ @hasbro hire me


stanning prowl is the best self own i could think of tbh


i think its really dumb that the only way i will be able to read exactly the content i want to read is if i write it myself.




trying to do a write but then i remembered how we’re essentially just sticking g1 blaster in the dhl and i stopped to cry about it and now i have to take a break @chicekngirl come comfort me please


Have a cat

Oh yeah I forgot about my toes footobombing


ah, a cat! now i feel really good. what is the name of the cat please, i love them



He likes candy canes and potato chips lol




Does he like belly rubs because it would be extremely unfair if he didn’t

He loves belly rubs


i literally cannot keysmash enough to express how i feel about this


wow today really is the last day of 2018 h u h




Watching rescue bots and this lady just very intently drove directly into lava


Blades is baby boy I LOVE him