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op: nice try blaster, but speedway already tried that trick last thursday.


op: speedway, we have camera footage of someone who looks exactly like you taking every single one of perceptors belongings and setting fire to them in the control room. what do you have to say for yourself?
speedway: that wasnt me, that was my evil twin. spoodway.


optimus prime: ok so i had perceptor look up spoodway in the databanks and there is no such person
speedway: would you believe me if i told you arcee did it
optimus: no.


Optimus Prime Doesnt Know How To Use A Computer. More News at Ten


this actually makes all the sense because he was stuck on earth for kajillions of years. like probably technology didnt advance too much, with like. the war. but the tech on crashbites Cool Prison Ship Designed By Shockwave is probably too advanced for op who is way behind the times


op: perceptor i cant get into teletraan one
perceptor: ok so did you turn it on
op: define ‘on’


op: ok, now the screen is glowing. oh, its asking me for a password.
perceptor: yes. that would be what it is. supposed to do
op: ok good haha. i knew that.


*ironhide voice * i dont know what a ‘software’ is and i dont intend to learn


op is the old man who does not know technology through no fault of his own, but he is trying oh so hard to figure it out. bless his soul. ironhide, on the other hand, adamantly refuses to learn to operate anything above the basics through his own willfully stubborn arrogance. no one can work up enough courage to ask what grudge he holds against any technology more advanced than his third millenia processor, but boy is he horrible to work with.


My nonexistent knowledge of technology and technological terms is really hindering my ability to make jokes about it online


Why is this an ad I got for tik tok lol


@chickengirl hey cyber erse




K come into th media room


TODAY WE WENT AND SAW THE ABSOLUTE BEST DOG EVER !! Her name is Lola and I’ve known her since I was a little baby. I have so many good memories with her nd she is quite honestly the greatest


Last time i saw her, unfortunately , haha, well her leg got broken. But that was years ago. Anyway Lola is a boxer and 12 years old and she is high as a kite constantly because of how old she is apparently? Also she went pee all over the ground because she was so excited to see us


Look! At! This! Darling! Girl!


She and buttercup were great friends and they played at the DOG park and ran super fast. Kimber was there too put she had to be in jail and she did not like buttercup playing the game called Steal Kimbers Stick


^^ this is kimber in jail


Dogs! Are! So! Cute!