Ilovechickens gt



Whys op so buff im screamin


I got a new fone and as the only kid whose phone from like 3 christmases ago is still functioning, now I have Two Phone neat


Yay that sounds fun!!
Santa brought us an iPad and I’m like yaaaaaaayyyy


Epic! I got an iPad too, so looks like we can both be free of having to share an iPad w/ our siblings :point_up_2::raised_hands::raised_hands::point_up: #thankful


It’s ya girl coming to you live from New Phone why’s the screen so small


Omg does this mean i dont have to deal with That Glitch Where I Cant Tap Anything Bc It Just Interacts With Buttons Inches Away From What I Wanted To Tap anymore?!?


I also have bajillions of $ in Christmas money and now!! Cg n i!! Can buy that incredibly epic Soundwave toy with all the cassetes!!


N i c e


charge your phone 10% and then post this again


is that forum appropriate




Merry Christmas, ILC! :sparkles::two_hearts::snowflake:


Yaaayyy we don’t have to share anymore

Problem is we can’t download any apps on our own because my dad set it up so we need his fingerprint instead of an Apple Id


Hmmmm please let this be good


Yes I do like ice cream petrichor. Ice c exam as well.


I have no recollection of posting that must’ve been sleep


Yeah it was Nindroid at midnight


Why is my throat so scratchy I can literally feel my sinuses in the roof of my mouth and it’s AWFUL and I HATE this


Oh ouch I hope you feel better


Fell sleep on the couch watching bob ross I am just tired and sick baby