Ilovechickens gt



tour of my dresser

  • empty glass vase
  • glasses with out of date prescriptions
  • dice i stole from the school and keep forgetting to return
  • glue stick and lidless chapstick tube
  • box of probably dead markers
  • vague styrofoam container full of instructions to transformers toys
  • school computer
  • The Pineapple Lamp
  • another lamp, lightbulbless and standing bolt upright in the shadowy corner ominously
  • scent diffuser lamp that doesnt have any scents anymore
  • empty piggy banks with no bottoms that have been in the same place for probably three years
  • lotion???
  • a single sock
  • cyberverse slipstream toy, upside down and half transformed
  • cyberverse shockwave next to the leering g1 bumblebee mug, both silently judging me
  • sign that says RAT GIRL’S ROOM


i told my brother about how bots ironhide is gonna have a mustache like doc from cars and he was silent for a full five seconds before quietly saying ‘please open up the window so i can throw myself out of it’


armada makes me nervous bc they just throw names around willy nilly. that orange helicopter guy is cyclonus. starscreams mini con is swindle. the autobots weird camera bird thing is laserbeak. it feels like it was made by someone with a list of names and only the vaguest idea of what transformers is n i dont particularly like that


i cant stop thinking about that armada episode with carlos and the hologram…like it was so uncalled for? why was there an entire underground city w/ hologram people. it was gonna get flooded?? carlos wouldnt acknowledge that the ai hologram thing was in fact not real? we never talk about it again? i think the decepticons kept falling into sand pits or something? i dont even remember if they ran into a mini con.


hm the sand pit thing might have been a different episode


i honestly dont know if it would be better or worse to have a coherent and specific recollection of the armada episodes . like would remembering them fully kill me? is my subconscious trying to protect me from going mad w/ how bizarre and boring that show was or am i genuinely enough of an idiot to forget the contents of like 8 episodes i watched a few months ago




What transformer is that last one is it from beast wars


So this is ilovechicken’s gt? I know ilovechickens is here, but where can I speak to this ilovechicken?


um right here on me gt ig? bring your own conversation topic though i only talk about Transformer 4 the most part




I’m making a joke using my a d v a n c e d s e n s e o f h u m o r because that title says ilovechicken’s not ilovechickens’ :))


oh no apostrophe strikes again i dont know who that guy is or where hes supposed to be whoop :(((




Oh no ilk was being bullied! I"M GETTIN THE COSTUME


i just wrote possibly the most coherent plot outline ive ever made it actually details what is going to occur in each scene along with minor relevant details am i ok


Cyberverse was like ‘we can do exactly One thing for the gays what’ll it be’ and then they designed slipstream to be drop dead gorgeous ig :two_hearts::two_hearts:


*inhales quietly *



There is a god and he loves me


hey @chicekngirl whyd ya make me change first aids little smiley face in that 1 story to the >:3c. i was jus reading through my stuff in a depressed daze n it really threw me for a loop. gave me a little fright. w h yd y o u m a ke m e d o t h a t a v e r y