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Hello! After an eternity of absence from both Hopscotch and the forum, I am finally back! (At least, on the forum.)
SoOoO here’s a general topic that will most likely see little use.

Imma tag some friends now.
And that’s all I can remember right now…and probably all the friends I have anyway so.
Anyone wanna talk about Hamilton, or Trollhunters, or just anything really?


Hey @ilovechickens!
I’ll talk Hamilton. ;3


I freaked out the other day because I couldn’t find a ship for Washington… ;-;

And I refuse to ship Washington with his wife because nobody in the Hamilton fandom ships people with their spouses. Except Hamliza sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the rule of fandoms. Thou shall not ship people with their actual love interests except if they’re a really cute couple XD


Hi! I’m Wyn – we haven’t met yet, but I would like to get to know you :slight_smile:
So, have you been coding/doing anything interesting lately?


hoooooii ILC

nice to see you aren’t hiding in a closet… yet XD


You may or may not know me… but I’m DWAP! Hi


HII DWAP! Nice to see you on my general topic. Hi to everyone else here who I’m too lazy to reply to individually. :wink:

Sorry I was at sChOoL. URGH. Doing learning stuff or whatever. (But mostly just drawing on my assignments.)

And so now probably all of you are offline as I type this and will respond tomorrow while I’m schooling and I’ll reply several hours later and the cycle shall continue.

BLEGH my throat hurts from all the ash around here. I live in the Columbia Gorge area and all the fire has flooded this area with smoke and ash. Yesterday the ash was so bad it formed a light dusting (like snow only damaging to your lungs) on the ground and every available surface. Lucklily we live far enough away from the fires that we are only subject to smoke and ash instead of the flames themselves.
(Also my Spanish teacher is a literal cinnamon roll I dunno I felt that was necessary to include.)

All my posts will probably be spontaneous word vomit about my life. Because I like talking about myself.

Also I like rain.


I totally get that. The smoke is SO BAAAAADDD


I see u @ilovechickens :000


Yay finally someone’s on at the same time as me!!


Hey! lol I get that feeling.


Okay quick! Let’s have some semblance of conversation before one of us leaves.
Haaaave yooou started school yet? (Idk I’m bad at conversing)


Lol XD
Yes I started yesterday! Have you?


Oh snap. I gtg. Bye ilc! :000


Our school district starts school earlier & earlier each year, I swear.


Bye! I gotta go too, so!


bump bump bump ;333

idk I’m bored, hoi ILC ;3


bump! Hola there!


Hey there! I don’t think I’ve seen you around before but I just heard that you’re back. So, uh-

:tada::confetti_ball:WELCOME BACK!!:confetti_ball::tada:


I have no excuse for my absence except I’m a horrible, lazy, forgetful slug with a short attention span.
So I discovered this app called Sony Sketch, and I’ve been taking requests and doing other fun stuff down there, check me out if you have it (my username’s Just A Boring Square), and I got two new obsessions, Trollhunters and Transformers: Generation 1. I only have a few fanarts from there so…
Basically what’s happening over here is I’m gonna select some of my favorite drawings from the past few months and show them to you over here in my general topic with an explanation if needed. This should begin sometime tomorrow, so, see you then!
Tagging some friends (missed you guys!!!)