Illusion thing... polls on post 23 and 1


It takes about 1-2 min. to complete!

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Why did you vote ten on your own poll?



Man those are some straight lines


I'm pretty sure there's a project like this already...


Whaaaaaa, there is?


Just checked, it isn't like this it is way different
I might make more illusions though


yeah, and on that other project, there are more lines lol

I'm just posting this here because I can lol
Notice that there are more rocks on the right side of the screen :wink:


Uhhh yeah I saw your first project and to be fair there actually way more coding than drawings
And trending is picked by a computer not a human
And hopscotch is not ALL for coding it's for creativity




Yes but, there isnt enough coding to me gtg




Uh, another copyrighted project on featured...
Who originally made this?

I'm pretty sure
made it.



Sorry, I just had had to



The brickwall is made by MagmaPOP. You can see it's using the glitch since there's old stuff in it, and you can see it's MP's style.


Ah. Okay. I just forgot whose project it was.
Do you have any commentary??
Wait, did you just see MagmaPOP's bio background?


I like these projects


Uh yeah now that your here
Thank you 4 making TABS I luv the game


Cause peopl can't think of original thinks