Illuminati idea!


I made a concept for a game! It's an illuminati game! I haven't worked out everything yet, so it's sort of just a small demo, but if I get 10 likes on the project I'll make the game! Play it here:
It's still in review so if it doesn't work wait a little!




The Illuminati is a group bent on ruling the world. It's no joke.


Come on. There's a whole bunch of projects about the illuminati. Some of them even got featured.


It's actually an enlightenment society from the Renaissance
But people made it into that


Like those by hansonnoah


Scoffs Of course they got featured! Most people don't know what the Illuminati is really about.


There even a loading screen that says mr mustache blah blah blah illuminati. THT is fine with it...


True that... Or at least that was the original...


Whoa that's pretty cool! Also there's nothing bad or inappropriate or anything :wink: