I'll make a character based off you!



Fill out the form and I'll create a character based off you! You can have the character you get and change things about him/her if you want. Remember that the answers you give are about you. The "Favorite game" part means any kind of game. Board game, video game, sports game, or any other kind of game.
Here's the form:

Favorite color:
Favorite animal:
Favorite food:
Favorite hobbies:
Favorite game:
Other things:

Have fun!



Ok! I'll get started.



I mean any kind of game. Video game, sports game, board game, anything. I'll edit the topic so it'll be easier to understand.


Hope you like her! She is both jumpy and calm depending on what mood she's in. She doesn't have a name yet. I'm giving her to you so feel free to change anything you want.



Favorite color: Purple!
Favorite animal: Dooooooge.
Favorite food: Chocolate.
Favorite hobbies: daydreaming, making jokes, debating, watching YouTube
Favorite game: Life Is Strange and Beyond Two Souls(even tho I've only watched the let's play vids).
Gender: Female!
Other things: My actual name is Lucy!



Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Elephant
Favorite food: Watermelon
Favorite hobbies: Baking
Favorite game: Softball
Gender: Girl
Other things: IDK


Favorite color: Navy blue
Favorite animal: CAT
Favorite food: Ribs
Favorite hobbies: Video games
Favorite game: Smash bros?
Gender: Girl
Other things:


Ok I'll get started on everyone's soon!


Chinking noodle soup
Drawing, coding, playing soccer


Ok here it is enjoy xD


Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Every animal
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite hobbies: Coding, making movies and playing soccer
Favorite game: Minecraft
Gender: Boy
Other things:

Here´s everything!


Favorite color: grey? Gray? Gary? I forgot how to spell!
Favorite animal: Uhhhh... Nemo....
Favorite food: good food
Favorite hobbies: uhhhh hopscotch, the forum, idk... Video games? (Turkor the ungrateful is tough)
Favorite game: uhhhhhh idk.... Terraria? I guess..
Gender:uhhhhhhj..... Sloth? Oh, right! Boy
Other things: oink.


Fav color: PURPLE!
Fav animal: Deer
Fav food: chocolate pudding
Fav Hobbies: drawing, volleyball, coding
Fav Game: don't really have one
Gender: girl


Favorite color: Purple

Favorite animal: Panda

Favorite food: Lasgna

Favorite hobbies: softball, swimming, reading

Favorite game: Battleship

Gender: Female


Favorite color: Pink for the win!
Favorite animal: PENGUINS OMG
Favorite food: Sushi!
Favorite hobbies: Piano, flute, drawing, reading, writing, FORUMING, HOPSCOTCHING
Favorite game: Minecraft or Candy Crush or Hopscotch
Gender: Girl
Other things: None!