I'll join! What? You said not to chat there!


@SimplySouthernGurl, I'll do this!

Don't bug me for creating a new topic. You said not to chat there, so technically we can't reply.


please don't flood the forum.



ok haha i will change it to please do not chat abt other stuff on here


do you want to be on the alert list @tankt2016


Yep! I once did an animoji contest in December, and an old contestant is @CrystalFlower167:slight_smile:

Just reminds me of that!


ok great


You could post this on Talk to a Hopscotcher so it keeps the forum nice and tidy :wink:


@tankt2016 She meant don't just fill up her whole topic randomly chatting! No need for a separate topic XD


Agreed! Please don't clog the forums with another topic.


Don't flood the forum and start drama just because of a silly rule...