I'll help out! (Read the topic to know what I mean!)



I love helping people. I mean, why wouldn't I? It feels good to help people. So, I'm making a topic where I can give anybody a nice helping hand with anything!
Example: I'm kinda good at editing YouTube videos, and somebody needs some help! (I will actually help somebody with that if they want some!)

If you need a pointer on a project, or just want to know something, ask me here!


Just reviving this topic to make sure we all can get help when we need it!


Do you want to enter a music contest? It's for our new pad! Credit will be given!


I'm not exactly a hopscotch music person. Sorry!


Do you know anyone that is good at music? Only SabotageWarning is in it, and we need more. And you can still join, we need dark music with barely any high notes.


Maybe Anonymous? I'm not sure!


Not sure either...too bad