I'll Be On Vacation!


Hai! Thanks for clicking this topic! Well, I'm going on vacation for 10 days!

That means probably no hopscotch and no forum. No docs either!

So I just though you would like to know! c:

It's only a break, and I won't miss the summer contest!

I'm leaving tomorrow! Bai!


Have a great time! Can't wait to see you back.


Have fun!

I'll miss docs with you ;-;



Cya fren enchanted!
Hopscotchers from all shapes barbecue to cheddar and all sizes smol to beeg will miss you!

EDIT: @smishsmash you are now on close competition with i think smilingsnowflakes for the fastest like I have ever gotten
I must decide who gave me fastest like...


Have a great time!

Enjoy your holiday c:


Bye! Have fun!


Bye! Happy holiday!
Is it Germany? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I didn't see this topic for 22 hours y ;-;


I cri evry tiem ;-;

I'll see you soon. :3

Pls come back ASAP thenks c:


Hai. I decided to check back on my vacation.

Hai @Maltese @smishsmash @RubyStars @GoatLord



OMG HI @EnchantedAnimallover FREN :D

How's your trip so far? :3


Really good! I just heard some really bad news about what's happening, so I'm scared, but I'm doing fine! c:

What's new? XD


Hai fren


The maltese files is new
Someone revealed the truth about @Maltese
Or is it the truth?
Has TRC been brainwashed too?
And is really Malty's servant! Convincing HS that she is brainwashing them, then hatching an evil plan!


Oh no! ;-;

I hope that it's totally fine where you are! :D

Apparently, this is pretty new XD:


K. Thanks @GoatLord and @Maltese.

@Maltese, are you Christian?

Not trying to start flame wars or anything! D:


Hi! :D
How's your vacation going so far?:D


Great! :D


You're welcome! c:

Yes, I am Christian. :D


Omg, I'm no wizard!

But I knew it! c:


Im fine :0 XD