I'll be off the forum for a while


I'm busy with other programs for a month.
So i won't be able to help if someone tags me in the next 4 weeks.
A rep from Tynker has expressed interest in my offer to make tutorials to teach more advanced game elements.

@Gilbert189 @AHappyCoder @GoatLord @MobCraft


Ok, bye! ;-;

Have an awesome life! :D




please don't say bye, like i'm dissapearing


Congrats on the tynker thing! What kinds of tutorials will you make? I have tynker!


K bye
Is there a Tynker forum?


There's quite a few.
One i'll be doing is for a game like Agario.
Like the real game with the the players ball in the centre and the background scrolling.
Also with enemy balls moving independently while the level acrolls and AI for enemies to chase after the player when they are bigger and the players closer. Aswell as having enemies flee when they are smaller and dividing in sizes to increase speed.
Thats one example.
I can't make projects too complex. They have to be easy to understand.
I also have plans to to make tutorials to show how to make 3d objects with the pen-coded=shapes(rectangle,circle,triangle)

This will take a long while to appear.
The devs at Tynker have to review what i do and reply if my work needs changing,improving etc


No. I asked the devs to consider making a forum like here.
They are thinking about it.


Kk me fam. Hope you have fun @Stradyvarious!


That sounds amazing, and in sure the code will be great!

I plan on working the SIX game but I might finish it after I do some other stuff!


Good luck with the SIx game.


Good job on the Tynker thing btw.


K hope they make one


Cool, see you later then!