I'll be off for awhile


I have made a topic about me have this issue in the future. Which is now...

I don't feal good...
I feel lonelier than usual...
And other things that I do not want to mention...

I will be off for awhile, I nearly posted a really bad comment yelling at someone. I will not mention who. I just...

Sometimes I can't control my emotions, and I can be dangerous...
To everyone. I don't know why it started, or when, or why can't I control them.

Bye for now.


I respect your decision. Goodbye! We will miss you ;-;

I think you are nice on the forum, though! :D


No one else answered, heh...

I guess no one cares.



I think it's because most people are asleep right now.
Anyways, goodbye! I hope you learn how to gain more self-control on your break! :)


Goodbye! Hope you come back soon!


Hope you'll feel better soon. ;-; (by the way i just woke up)
I thought VanillaAngel and PerfectPanda24 were the same person...


I understand.
You're a great person and you will be missed on your break! :00

I'm sorry about whatever happened. I'll always be your fren!

Otakus unite!

It can be hard to control emotions. I see you're feeling down. It's all okay. You're not a bad person if you get out of control sometimes.

I'll really miss you! Just remember how great you are!

I care so much about you and I hope you feel better very soon.


This song has made me feel better, a lot.
Mostly because it's Vocaloid, and it has been a big part of my life. So has the other otaku stuff.
But this song is different, in a way. I don't know why, but it always makes me feel better in any situation...

Level UP!
Simile kind of. But yet, you still cry.

Here's the song, it always makes me cry.
This was the first Vocaloid song I ever listened to.

Is it just me, or is Len MORE super Kawaii, Luka prettier and more amazing than usual, Rin more awesome, Kaito more Kaito-er, and Meiko more great, and of course, my favorite, Miku more amazing and the best-er.

Also Miku and Luka crack me up, and they're so inspirational too.


Sorry, the creator never finished the MMD version, which kind of suc.ks.
And also, the actual video on YouTube has English subs if you don't understand, so check it out!


I've never had such a friend. Thank you.

Yes, Otakus unite!
Thank you so much.

So many feels.


Is it just me, or does it seem like no ones on?!
Or paying attention, either.
They're probably not going to notice this, though.


I get what you mean!!

And @Fluffymarshmellow should see that GIF >; )


Why should I?
I's be confused.



'Cause it looks familiar :stuck_out_tongue:

Summons @Fluffymarshmellow :joy:


Okay then here.
So it's more noticeable...?

I have a feeling about this...
But it's not bad.


Well bye, hope you have the courage to come back soon!



I'm hungry.

And it's like 11:21


Okay, I am not that hungry,

And it's 9:53 pm.


Now it's 12:21



It's now 10:30 pm...