I'll Be Mostly Offline



I am afraid I need to leave. No one seems to respect me for who I am. I have recently recieved a lot of hate and negativity, so, as I speak, I'm lèaving the forum, unless anyone even cares. I might come back to visit for answers or even to see how the community is.




i respect you! i respect everyone here! i care, and im sure a lot of other people do! please dont leave because of hate, that just shows the haters they are getting to you and thats not a good thing! please stay!



I'm sorry. I don't belong here. I may come back someday, but I'll always be on Hopscotch


You do belong here! If you went through the process of creating the account (and you did) you belong here!


you definitely belong here! your amazing at coding!


Thank you two very much, I appreciate it. I promise you, I'll always be on Hopscotch. Mostly on the Unidonut collab making projects.


Cmon don't leave! TBH I said bye earlier but I was mad at you, sorry. I hope you stay. @TheAcingGamer, your ideas are awesome btw.


A lot of people receive hate, but few deal with it very well. The best I have seen it handled was by MiNi. Anyways, there is still this project:


:( it sounds like people have taken aim at you... you must be pretty upset and down... :disappointed:


I am, it gets to me easily


I'm sorry you feel this way.. but making a topic like this brings attention and sympathy to you. Maybe say you aren't leaving? Because you were active about 4 minutes ago and the topic was made almost a day ago.

Also, THT said all leaving topics would be removed so..


Yes, I clearly said I'll be on the forum every so often. But, I will always be on Hopscotch.


Then maybe you can change the title? Because you're not saying goodbye, or leaving? You're just saying you'll be a tiny bit less active from what I hear.


I do not know how to change titles.


You click on the pencil at the end of the title!


You seem very negative towards me, why so? All I said was I wasn't going to be active much.


I'm sorry, I just don't get it when people say they're leaving when they're only going to be less active. You're not really "leaving", right? I'm not saying I want you to leave, all I'm saying is that it's always good to tell the truth about what you're doing based on activity. I don't really like it when people lie about their activity but I've kept it to myself :sweat_smile:

I'm experiencing a lot of stress right now, and I'm probably tired of keeping my feelings in. I'm really sorry about choosing your topic to spill my feelings on.


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