I'll Be Inactive On The Forum :(



I Just Got The Regular App Store On My School IPad And I Got New Apps And I LOVE Them! I Won't Be On The Forum Or Hopscotch Much So I'll Be Inactive A Lot So You Won't See Me Around Much Because I'll Be Playing My Games :grimacing:

If I Some How DONT Come Back, Could Someone Remind Everyone That I'm Gone?

Hope This Made Sense!


Hope you come back soon! :slight_smile:


I hope you have a lot of fun playing new games!




Ok, have fun on the new apps! I hope we see you soon!


I Will Be More Active When School Starts


Are you still a judge of my contest? All you have to do is be active August 1st for about 5 minutes... But it's OK if you don't want to!


I'll Still Be A Judge :confused:


WAIT!!!! You have your school iPad still?????


ok! congrats on getting regular also. and what new apps did you get?


Yes, And I Got The Regular App Store


+ Tap Titans And Robot Factory


Oh, cool!