I'll Be Inactive, Going On Vacation!



I'm going to Paris, Greece, and Canada!

I'll miss you guys, but I'll have WiFi a little bit! I'll give you updates here and there! :3

I'm excited, so see you whenever I have Internet connection!

(People who may wanna know)


Wow! That's amazing! I hope you have fun!


Thanks, and I'm glad you're back! Are you back? XD EDIT: I'm glad you're sort of back!

I hope I have fun, I GTG in a few minutes :3


Bon voyages!!!

Say Γεια to the Greek peeps for me!


I'm back for a minute, we're all packed! I'm so excited for this :3

Excpect projects and posts about my vacation and the places we're going! :3


Cool! Hope you have fun!


Cool! Lol I missed that minute : Γ


Here I go! Bye! Yibiydebchibceidhceihfcgyicef



I'm on!! At the airport :3



Ask them if they have had there Omega-3! (A vitamin or mineral.)


Ironically he was in France o.O


@tankt2016: wot…?

Say "Γεια" το sοΜεοπε!


Omega is the last letter in the Greek Alphabet. Get it?


You mean Ω/ω.

Ι Κηοω δα λεττεrs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think μιλο means :apple:


Still the same. Alpha, omega.



Alpha: Α α
Omega: Ω ω

Aloha != Omega.




You guys are talking about Greek letters XD

(Nearly spit out my water, which would be good, because it has cucumbers DX)


And Greek. Don't forget the apple :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: