I'll actually be leaving


Yeah, this is getting old, but I kinda like making these clickbait topics.

Anyway, by "actually", I mean no forum time at all for three days.

From October 31st to November 2nd, I'll be at a camp for my school. No electronics are allowed whatsoever, and plus, I'd never get a signal out there. I know it's a little ways away, but I'm going to forget to make this topic unless I do it now.

On a side note, please don't tag me to close topics or anything like that. I don't want to come back to 6871689718789 notifications.





I can imagin you really making a topic your your really leaving and no one will reply .-.

Goodbye, Hopscotch

You really got me. :frowning: usually you don't. But with all the ■■■■■■■■■■■ topics...


(You didn't scare me this time >:3)

Have fun! We'll miss u D:

Al least it's not for too long! :D


Ok! I'll spam like you xD



Yeah, that's probably a good idea x3
Have a good time at your camp! Sounds like fun :D


That's gonna happen.

Me: "Well, bye, guys. Forever."

Everyone: "Haha, we can outsmart him by not clicking on the topic!"


I have like notifications off; I've had them off since I became leader. >:D


You: ";-;"
the boy who cried "I'm leaving!"


wait you can turn your likes ofF :0000000


Can I spam tag you? xD


its bad but who cares
(I made it like that on purpous >:3)


Okay, I'll miss you! (Autocorrect almost seriously embarrased me there. It changed 'miss' to 'kiss' XD)

Have fun!


that's and incredible thinG
makes me wish I had photoshop ;-;


Really to me its like the worst thing I can make.

Its picollage


Do you use a computer for the forum? There's a program called GIMP that can be used to edit pictures :wink:


I'll make sure to spam like you for those 3 days, don't worry. XD

Have fun at camp! (When you go) :smile:


dude paint.net is way better


@Gilbert189 doesn't get notifications for likes :wink: