iHopscotch Build your own computer


Maybe we could call it iHopscotch
It runs the Hopscotch app and chrome
What if Hopscotch was selling a “Build you’re own Hopscotch Computer” simulator to the Build your own Kano computer. Or we could even collaborate with Kano.

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Lol, you tagged the wrong omtl.
@omtl (sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged)


Maybe a new operating system rather than a new machine… but that’s so much work. ._.

Maybe something like an arcade machine to run Hopscotch games on! Like those Jurassic Park machines with guns on em. :o


That would be really cool! Unfortunately, I am not sure if THT has the resources to do that right now.


Do you think a raspberry pi 3 model A+ could do its the newest raspberry pi


It could have dis thing


Absolutely! A Model B or even a Raspberry Pi Zero could potentially work. But I’m not too sure about the Zero though.