Ihasfluffycupcakes Coding Partner! (status: @nas-studios is my coding partner



Hi guys, I really want to have a coding partner, kinda like @SmileyAlyssa has one. The only thing you have to do to be my coding partner is to follow me on my hopscotch account (username is Ihasfluffycupcakes) and comment on this saying your hopscotch username and when you started hopscotch. The first person to do that will be my coding partner!

List of people who I think should be meh coding partner:

Don't worry if you didn't get put in the list, you can still be it.



I would do it but I can't sorry


It's ok :slightly_smiling: I think you are already SmileyAllysa's coding partner right?


Yeah I am! Need any help I would be happy to help you


I currently don't need help, but thx for asking


come on anyone?? wanna be coding partners?


If you need me just @ me:smile: Good luck!


Someone please thats it im inviting every1


I am a very good coder and make sure you don't spam this with "i would do this but I cant" comments


I want to be...
if you dont want just say.


Sorry about that I didn't know


guys i gtg i will check back later


Ok, I am back. @Nas-Studio is my coding partner


I hope I can be your coding partner, we're best friends. You know my Deets.
Potter Productions and Feb 2015.


If @Nas-Studio isn't active on this for more than 5 days, you will become your coding partner.


Nevertheless, he didn't even tell you when he came on.


THE ORDER OF THE STONE awaits you....
(already follow, I think)


yeah, but I want to make sure I have an active coding partner


Thank you for tagging me but i'm not really on the app as much and i haven't coded/published for a while :sweat_smile:


THE ORDER OF THE STONE, see how active I'm on on smileyalyssa's coding partner.........