If you've noticed I'm different


For this topic. I'm feeling the same way


Of course you can post it! I won't hold you back from posting your feelings! In fact, this topic has helped me a lot! Hopefully yours will help you too! :D


I understand what you're feeling. It's gonna be okay (believe it or not), though.


Thanks, I guess it could end up ok. :)


Here's something that'll cheer people up


Omg :0

That is wrong

Just wrong




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wow I'm so impressed wow wooooow
So much talent here unbelievable


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Looks like a mix-breed


I prefer larger dogs, duh


Wow..this is really lovely.. :sob: Ella, if you're still around here any time, would like to say thanks for your lovely words :relaxed: Makes me feel: :blush: and calm :relieved: hearing them too

Edit: I don't know Ella's current account...but would really like to let her see this. @Snowdayyay..? I'm very sorry if you're not Ella :sweat: -must have misunderstood things

Edit 2: oh I am very very sorry, you said you're not Ella :sweat: I will have to just hope/wait for her otherwise


Dogs are dogs they are unknown to racial discrimination whats known about them is they are more reliable than some relations ...i am also different these days

Sorry to be so dark, just had to vent .... love for all :grinning:


Snowdayyay was Ella lol




Why revive this topic though


Idk this was the first one in my notifications


Alright, XD

Man this topic is old