If you've noticed I'm different


If you have noticed I've been acting a little sad since yesterday, here's why. I was absolutely thrilled to take a week long ballet/pointe camp, but then my studio dropped a bomb. They brought in a person who hadn't taught in TEN YEARS to teach the middle school kids for the camp. Of course, I dropped out. I wanted to be taught by my very experienced teacher who was a ballerina for her career, but that didn't happen.

Apparently, that was the last straw for my mom. She doesn't like my studio, and doesn't like the co-owner at all. I don't like her either, to be honest. So my mom probably has her heart set on moving me to a different studio. I would love to do that, to be more challenged and take my dancing further, but then there's my comp team. I have danced with those girls for years, and we are practically best friends. What will they think if I leave the studio? Will comp be the same without me? Will I be replaced? Will they get mad at me?

I'm torn, and very confused. I've broken down in tears several times since yesterday.

So yeah, that is why I'm acting different. ;-;
(This is hopscotch related because it is explaining why I'm different on the forum)


I think that they will understand why u left and I don't think they will be mad.

I left my club soccer team which I had been on for six years with the same group of girls. Nobody thought anything bad about me and we are still all friends ( most of us live in the same town)

This are a couple of good quotes for you if you'd like:

A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation or being together. As long as the friendship lives in the Heart, True Friends Never Part

True friends stay forever. Beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time


Thanks! That helped a lot! :)


No problem:) I have tons of other stories but trust me: true friends will never be mad at you


Another thing:
The co-leader has something of a grudge against my ballet teacher. My mom says that my ballet teacher has fancied me and a few other people, and wanted to advance us and do private lessons with us. But pretty much everything she wanted to do, the co-leader said no. That is what makes me mad.


I'm sure your friends will understand! I've danced with the elite team (not competitively) for most of my time at my studio and I've seen many girls leave but we're still besties! You'll find a better company to dance for and make new friends! Keep in touch with your old dance troupe!

My ballet teacher had to give me privates so I could catch up in pointe. xD Seriously, a toenail fell off yesterday. :expressionless:


I don't dance ;-; I can't dance BUT I can sing I can't relate don't count on me


Honestly, it's ok if you a re sad. Keep you're head up, you are amazing. No matter what happens with ballet.


Thanks! I sure hope you're right. But no one's really left before, so it's kind of a first.

That's awesome!

Another another thing: my ballet teacher is also sick of it and quitting, she's thinking of renting a studio space and teaching there! :D


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That's great news! You should definitely go there!

My ballet teacher definitely doesn't own our studio. XD


Haha I like ur title!



The thing is, the leader is the co-leader's mother. The leader recruited my ballet teacher, and loved her a lot, so I'm thinking the co-leader is jealous. O_O


Omg. The co-leader(ish) is the my ballet teacher/leader's mother. :0


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