If you've been suspended for a short amount of time can you still get regular


What the title says lol
When will suspensions wear off
Cuz thepickle needs reg



I was suspended for 3 days but I got regular a month later because I made a deal with a mod

That's why BAS was my favorite


But here's nobody to really promote people now




I think it wears off after like 100 days,..?


It should be 50 and lengthened for more than a week suspension like 100 days for it to wear off


Idk the actual stuff.

Maybe @PopTart0219 (as a Leader/Mod/Beyoncé) might know?


@ThePickle, what happened? You seem like an innocent person :open_mouth:


He was suspended with no reason along


Are you lying? ._.


I think he may have made a few upsetting comments although I am not sure of the reason.

The mods usually delete the posts to discontinue the flamey comments from others. :slight_smile:


No I'm serious his suspension had no reason on it like other suspensions do


The mods really like to keep things private because they care about the person suspended. This usually triggers the questions "Why were they suspended?" The mods care about them enough to help them. They aren't going to sit back and watch mistakes happen, but they also still respect the person and don't publicly say anything deep about it. :wink:



are you really RiceGum? Because if not, the right thing to do would be to change your username and your profile pic because they aren't yours. :wink:


@ricegum lol you're not ricegum you're probably anonymous


That's a personal reason and Liza cares about this. What she did was a helpful thing by putting down the phone number. Not only does it help you, it helps others who don't openly speak about these things and suffer from it without anybody knowing. :wink:


I never told the community the real reason
@lazylizard account put in hold which means I can't post ugh


But some things are personal matters and its important to keep these things to youself and consult a parent or a trusted adult. :D


No way I'm never telling my parents about that problem
But life is getting better. I made a new friend!!


Yay! :D

But if there is an adult you trust (a school counselor, or even you can text the # Liza gave you) a lot of help comes out of it! :slight_smile: