If You're Feeling_____ About ____, Then _____! (Ideas to stop flame wars, be happier, make good projects, ect)


So, here is a little guide/game-like thing about how you should react when you feel a certain way to keep HS and the forums healthier and happier as a coding community and a community of friends in general!


Anyone can post suggestions of what to do about certain feelings in this format:

If you're feeling____ about ____, then____!

Just fill in the blanks! Here is one of my own:

If you're feeling upset about a flame war, then put down the iPad, calm down, and think of the best way to deal with it!

You can also add on an 'if.'

To the first one, I added

If you still feel too angry to deal with it in a kind or helpful way, keep the iPad down until you feel a lot better.

That's basically it! :3

Some of my own :3
  • If you're feeling happy about an interesting thing in real life, then code a cool project about it! If you start to procrastinate, motivate yourself to DO IT!

  • If you're feeling bored with HS about not having inspiration, then take a break, come back, and code something such as kawaii food or a list of motivational quotes with backgrounds!

  • If you're feeling angry about IRL things, then don't go on the forums until you're feeling calm enough not to sound unkind! :3


Amazing topic!


Thanks so much!! :3


If you're feeling (something) about a flame war then ask for it to be closed and unlisted (possibly)
If you're feeling annoyed at the forum, then state the problem (but not in a mean way) with the forum.


If you can't post positive things, then don't post mean things (I mean sometimes you have to post something to calm yourself).


If your feeling angry, dont post.


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If you feel like you're procrastinating too much, sort it out tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Here's mine! :3
  • If your feeling annoyed about a user on here, then look away from your iPad, scream in your head, then you'll be cooled down and can post!

  • If your feeling given up on about your drama, then keep going!

  • If your feeling potato-y about chakins, the eat marshmallow pizza!


This is a very helpful topic, @treefrogstudios !

If you're feeling depressed about a need to leave Hopscotch (for reasons you can control), before you post something about it, take a good long think and make sure it's what you really want to do, and that you won't regret it later.

If you still feel like leav.ing is the best option, we on the forum and on Hopscotch will all respect your decision and wish you luck in your real life!