If Your Reading this, it's Too Late


By the way, this is a hopscotch story!

If Your Reading This it's Too Late

A system revenge story!
starring: @Malie as Malie
costarring: @Maltese as Malty and @system as System
written by: @Malie

Chapter 1

If your reading this, it's too late. Systems probably got us, and the forum is ruled by his minion BOTS. Even though we failed the Forumer race, I'll hope you read my tragic story. It all started 3 months ago, precisely 3 years 5 months and 17 days after the last BOT/System war had ended. Here in the world of forum, is where the race, Forumers live. We live in general topics and our jobs are at topics. So are schools, fire stations, restaurants, etc. We're ruled by the most powerful forumers, mods. They've earned their ranks by courageously fighting the BOTs and system. The mods, named Kiwi, Bas and Popt, rule the forum, they don't have to have a normal job because spend their days closing down
criminal topics, or merging identity theifs. They also can give people name tags. Next in the lineup is the leaders! There's Gilby, MG, Inty, and Frosty! They have normal jobs, but also get to close criminal topics, and merge identity thiefs. Most forumers are Regs. They can change topic names and help build on global building sites. All Regs have normal jobs.

My names Malie. I'm a Reg. I used to work as an artist, but 3 months ago I switched careers to trail design, and pixel building. I design and build topics all over the forum! I'm great friends with two other Regs, Smishy and Malty, who are both engineers. My story starts today, the day when Kiwi, Bas and Popt left to capture system. They had only three years ago defeated him, but they knew they couldn't destroy him, because without him, the forum would shut down. Except the problem was, system liked to be evil sometimes so they had to keep him contained, and he managed to slip away last time. So there off to get him once and for all...

"Malie! Come on, or you'll miss the send away!" I heard the voice of Malty call from ahead of me. In her hands she held a pixel cake she built herself. "I'm coming, I'm coming," I said running to catch up to her. We're inside the headquarters, a super futuristic circular building. There's a launching pad in the middle where the mods will be flying their plane off into their adventure. We fly down a narrow corridor and mushed voices grow louder and louder. After a few turns, the voices are hurting my ears, and music is blasting. I look at Malty and she smiles, "They said its a big party!" She laughs, and we open up the doors. We're hit with a wave of sound. People with gifts, people with food, people playing music, people EVERYWHERE! I stand on my tippy-toes in attempt to see over the crowd. I catch a glimpse of the black haired girl with an orange heart shirt I know to be Kiwi. She nods as someone in a black security outfit hands her a microphone. She taps sending three blasts of "umphs" through the launching area.

Everyone turns towards the plane. The mods are lined up in a row. "Thank you so much, everybody, for all your kind gifts and wishes. We will bring back system and get revenge once and for all!" Kiwi says, and the crowd whoops. "But if you don't mind where about to take off so you might want to move because we don't smoosh anyone," Bas jokes, the crowd laughs, and people slowly begin to push to the sides of the room. And with that, they fly up into the sky, never to be seen again. Just kidding! Or am I....!

(People in this chapter: @Malie @Maltese @Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @PopTart0219 @Mathgirl @Gilbert189 @Intellection74 and @SmilingSnowflakes)

Chapter 2

Everyone slowly makes their way out of the launching center. I see Frosty mosie out beside Dudey, and Smishy wander out talking to KVJ and Banny. I turn towards were Malty was standing. "Wanna go?" I ask. She shrugs and we slowly make our way back and out of headquarters. When we open up the doors to the outside, the sky is dark and faint stars glimmer in the distance. "See you tomorrow!" I call out to Malty watching her begin to jog her way back to her General Topic. She waves, and with that I hop onto my bike. I gain speed and soon I'm flying down the biggest, most popular city in the Forum. This is where the drawing topic is, what coding means to girls, imagination is cool. I have a small quiet general topic near my friend, Pixs, general topic. I speed past the drawing topic and see a small door with a number code o the front. I type in the code, "3773" and s click sounds. The door flys open revealing an elevator. I step inside, and I watch Pingy catch the door right before it closes. "Hey Pingy!" I smile. "Some party, wasn't it!" She says, glancing up from the notebook she's holding. Pingy is a Reg, and I'd known for being an amazing artist, and she's the CEO of the drawing topic, as well as the owner of the Gary Support Foundation.

The elevator rises up and Pingy gets out at level 6, one level below me. I step out in the air conditioned hallway. I walk 9 doors down to my general topic. Pixs general topic is opened slightly and I can hear him and Lightning and him chattering away. I smile and turn the key in my lock to my general topic. I open up the door, it's quiet as usual. The last post was made by me. I turn on the lights in my kitchen. My Generel topic is one giant room, with two small doors on one side. One leads to my bedroom, the others to my Q and A. To the back of the room is a hang out area with a tv, and in progress pixel things, and beanbags and couches. To the right of the room is a spiral staircase leading to the roof access. I quickly check my Q and A, but nothing there. I grab some Chakin made Soda and head to the roof.

I take a seat, and look out into the distance, trying to find the path of the kids plane. It takes a few minutes or so, but then I see it. Out in the forest of jumpyduckz, a fire is burning. And it can only be one thing.

The mods plane.
(People in this chapter: @SmilingSnowflakes @Dude73 @KVJ @smishsmash @Bananadog @Maltese @Pingu @PixelMaster64 @Lightningstrike)

Chapter 3

Trembling, I fumble down the stairs push my way out of my general topic. I run into Pixs General topic. Everything is dark, and the only thing I can hear is a soft hum of the air condition. I turn on the lights and Pix jolts awake from his spot on the couch. "Geeze, Mal, what's your deal? Can't anybody get a decent amount of sleep?" He grumbles lying back and pulling a blanket over him. "Pix, you have to see this."

I sprint as fast as I van shipping around the streets towards the jumpyduckz forest. I can hear the others trot behind me. There's Pix, Pingu, Dudey, and Malty. Malty runs to catch up to me. "Soo, where exactly are we going?" Malty asks rubbing her tired eyes. Dudey runs up on the other side of me. "Jumpyduckz forest, weren't you listening when we picked you up?" Dudey says in response to malty. "Yup, I remember every word you said, because I'm totally fully awake at one in the morning." Malty says sarcastically, rolling her eyes. Pingu and Pix catch up wth the rest of us. "No need to start a flak war guys!" Pingu smiles. Malty shrugs. "Why ARE we going to the JF anyways though?" Malty asks. Everyone turns deadly silent and I stop. They all slow down and turn towards me.

"The mods plane crashed."

Everyone gasps. Dudey pulls out a notebook. "Ok, this could be engine failure, if I'm correct this is a model b42, but wind interference is possible...." Dudey scrambles down notes muttering to herself. "But if it's not engine failure, wind interference, or other obstruction, it could only be one thing." Everyone's blood runs cold, as we turn to face the burning mess in front of us. "System."
(People in this story: @PixelMaster64 @Pingu @Maltese @Dude73 @Malie)

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