If your posts get accepted, then all deleted, your account is no longer approved



I have posted stuff before and then I deleted my old posts
now everything I post is pending??
this is weird
I have already been approved by a moderator


The post just probably needs to be double checked by a moderator.


I don’t know, it was happening to me too


System is probably suspicious that you’re a bot. Maybe you shouldn’t delete your posts?


It might be because you either haven’t posted in a long time, or your posts contain a word that’s isn’t allowed


You joined like 5 days ago.
All new users have to wait until their posts are approved. If you’re active, I think that’ll go away in the next couple of days


This happens when you are a new member on the forum. The limitation usually goes away in a few days, and I think that both you and @Squat can post as much as you want here now!


When you are new, if your account is approved, deleting all your posts puts it on hold again. I do not know if this happens for old accounts.

Hope this helps.