If you want to le.ave or take a short break, post it here!


If you are wondering why I have been stressing that I am leaving but I am still posting on hopscotch, well I have been trying to squeeze in a little time in my schedule. It is now 8:06 and I am just getting home, so you now see how its hard to be on the hopscotch forum and hopscotch. I am NOT promising I am going to be on everyday or come back, I am just saying I am squeezing time in.


Ok! Thx for telling us, also do you have a general topic to post this stuff in? If you don't, you should make one!


I can make it a general topic for people that are leavi.ng.


Sure! In fact, that's a Great idea!


Thank you very much!!!!!!! #ANIAMS




Ok, bai! Have fun in laif! I'll miss u, but I dun wanna b sad :D

Bai! :D


Gud idea! I'll rename this topic. You can edit it back soon.


I will be inactive next year :grin: :smile: Nxt year at highschool i''ll be publishing a project like a project per 5 weeks :grin:


No! You must be in middle school? Sorry I'm bad at knowing high school and college and stuffs. All i know is Kindergarden, then primary then secondary(middle school)


i like this idea!!!! good idea!!


Well i live in australia and its different here


Ooo. Wait.. According to your bio your 12??


Middle school to you is high school to us


Very different lel


Um, I won't be on as much this week, my grandparents are coming.


I seriously SERIOUSLY need a mental break.

But I cant