If you wanna chat, chat here(Making it related)



As you know the forum is not for chatting, it is for asking questions and giving suggestions. But if you really want to chat chat here. You can chat about anything as long as it's not inappropriate, if it is I will @ a leader to delete it.
Have fun, but be nice!


Great idea, but as you may know, the forum is for Hopscotch! If people want to get off topic, we have forum partys on holidays. :wink:


Oh thank you for informing me. I hope people understand that rule.


This is not Hopscotch-related, every topic has to be Hopscotch-related. Sorry. But everyone can delete their posts and you can recycle this through editing the title and the first post! :wink:


Ok. If that's how it is.


I think this topic might be fine if it was chat about hopscotch but, that would be kind of like the lonely crew.. and that got closed


Please close this post @Kiwicute2016 @Anonymous


No, ask everyone to delete their posts and recycle it.

That is a good choice. :wink:


Agreed! Recycle this post!

Remember, the forum is not for chatting, it is for answering questions about hopscotch!


ok... #NotGrownUp. #Cobble=Life


I think @TrendyGirl gets the point...


Yay people are recycling :D


I always wanted to ask can I do a callab or be coding partners with
But @SmilingSnowflakesi really want to do this with you!


I would love to collab! :smile:
Thank you so much for tagging me! :smile:


Yeah how would we make it! @Dude73 sorry for late reply if you can't do it anymore it's ok!


I can still do it! :smile:


Yeah, so how do you make the account!


Is it ok if we trade drafts instead?


What do you mean trade drafts


One person codes a bit, then gives the link here. Then the next person takes that draft and adds some more code to it, and it goes on like that.