If you see this, add your name!



Gilbert is an artist

I am a musician

@Gilbert189 you remind me of @DuckmanTerry, I dunno why


How did you make it so other people can edit?


Whaaat can't edit!

Edit: Can edit now. I am member!!


Try tapping the pinkish thing at the right top corner of the post. Should let you do It


But the problem is that when I tap that button, nothing happens!


I think you have to be a member to edit, and a regular to add that feature, and a leader to do pretty much everything




It's the new discourse feature, it was added today at 7:52 AM EST

at least it was there at that time


Oh never mind I found out


And since your a regular, you have access to edit my comment and any comment!

Try it


That has the Notepad edit on?


Ask him, idk I'm not a regular


k..but I can't edit your post....


Did you press the pencil in the bottom right corner of my post? What did you press??


Yeah, it has to have the Notepad in the top right corner, like on this post! :wink:
Cool feature!-AHC
Oh so u tapped it like that? AW18
Sorry if I already said this but..... Rawrbear your awesome
Your unsecret number 1 fan
(who's part penguin, partpolar bear! Part human!)
RAWRBEAR IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Phase_Admin is your #lounge fan!
@Ihasfluffycupcakes is taking over

@RandomPerson is here

@HoppertoscotchBackup is made by the great @Hoppertoscotch

@tankt2016 wonders who F4LO's other account is, and we think we know…It's just some give-it-away clues…


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I can't, and I am a regular.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


For some reason it doesn't let me! @admins/ @moderators


@crazygoat, but im his number 1 fan
I know that
Name is Nick
Was/is in America
His parentsir caretakers or guardians wanted him to take a break from hopscotch
Now he's back!
Feachured couple of hours ago
Feachered until replaced by AHappyCoder
Friends with mobcraft
And that is just some, im rawrbears number one fan not crazygoat