If you play in band come here


I know @LazyLizard made one, but it's inactive.
So I've made this one! :D
Here we can talk about band and make projects!
It doesn't matter what instrument you play!


Is anyone in band?


I'm not, but I love music ;D


I'm in band! A proud flutist ;3

I remember you saying that you play the flute, so...:smile:


I used to play a cello in orchestra!


I play in a band with my siblings :stuck_out_tongue:


I do! I play the trumpet :trumpet:


I play the flute ! I have a concert on monday


I play the clarinet and piano


I'm in band and orchestra. :D
flautist. :)


Y'all play flute right? I think you'll really like this song:
I had to play it and it was super hard! :joy:


It is? I bet you still did pretty well. :stuck_out_tongue:

James Galway is like, amazing at the flute. :0


Did you listen to all of it? It goes super fast in the middle!


Yeah. xD

It's has trills, right? My hands get really shakey when I play the flute in front of other people. :sweat_smile: Do you get stage fright?


yep but I'm used to it :joy:
yeah it has trills. Have you played it before?


Same ^-^


Do you guys live in the same area?


Yes, I think we live in the same city ^_^


How do you cope? I get nervous and I panick a lot.

No, I haven't played it. I might try to learn it, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


its just that I have to perform a lot in piano, and I got used to it.
Just think that it's no big deal.
eat a banana.