If you lived with one hopscotcher, then who would it be?



We already have many people working for EarlyStudios, so… question answered?


@artistic_cat or @Grizzlyzoe or @photographer123


Can’t decide…umm if I could live with only 1…
Probably either @Silverdolphin or @Paige1212 or @MudFlowerCat or @photographer123 or @CatWithABrush ;-;


Rlly me?




Oh ok

I had no clue srry


Yeah probably same
And thx I guess? ;333


:PPPP np cool drawing of Jaiden


:000 really???
Thx fren


:OOO ;33
Thx dood
I luv her :PPP


I like James lol he’s cool


Waffle_Draws and I are already good friends IRL, I feel like we’d be good roommates. I have another good friend on HS I know IRL, but I’d rather room with a girl than a boy. You know, with privacy and things. XD


Ehhh… @FoodDelivery, @CatWithABrush (not in a weird way),


Noone would want to live with me
You know why?
cuz i have no home


What? No home??? Really?


Not literally.
But I’m not someone you wanna live with tho.


Prolly @glam_unicorn

Come to me Lana


lol no one wants to live with me
I can be super cranky sometimes :(


@Grizzlyzoe because I could play “What’d I Miss” loudly at 6 in the morning and she wouldn’t think I’m weird XD


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