If you leave hopscotch, do you leave everything that has to do with hopscotch too?


If you leave hopscotch, or stop coding can you still be on the hopscotch forum? I've been pondering about leaving hopscotch, but I still want to be on the forum.


There's kind of no point in staying on the forum because it's about hopscotch XD


Well I mean... It's kinda up to you.


I dont think so.....


Yeah thats true. But the forum is soo fun!! Welp. I have to stay on hopscotch then!!


Okay yeah. But, I'm totally out of the loop on hopscotch bc I haven't been on since june


Ok hooray!


You could change your acc name to something like QueenShaeShae [On Forum], I don't know, mebbe just take a break? I don't know le XD @KVJ


It kinda depends on your behavior on the forum. If you leave hopscotch but stay on the forum, then you have to make sure you are still hopscotch related. :smile:


Well i don't need a break, I'm just so out of the loop I kinda lost the mojo. Plus all the projects I've been working hard on that got published didnt get any likes or plays sooo


You can still be on the forum :smiley:
You don't have to leave!


Oh okay great!! But I think I'm going to stay onto hopscotch. There is so many hard projects on there that I dont want to let go.


I know what you're feeling. I still check back in Hopscotch once in a while but I'm active on the forum. It's up to you and I hope you stay on here!:grinning:


Oh okay thanks. I guess I will do that too!


It's up to you, you can if you want but most people just leave hopscotch


Sure, there's no 'rule' about it. Some people are on the forum because they just enjoy it more than Hopsctoch



Elle XD


I guess it's up to you! If I left Hopscotch, I would probably still drop by the forum for another few months than leave for good. But I always thought I would end up quitting the forum before Hopscotch so... Idk


Well, I know a lot of people who did! :3

It's okay as long as you keep talking about HS and not other stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh k. But I think I'm going to stay on hopscotch!!!