If you know me, please come


Hi! So, with the title...
I'll be inactive. Pretty sure no one cares, but I do, and I gotta let it out, gotta shout. XD I love Raina Telgemier. Anyways, GBOT braybray. This isn't because of flame wars that I've recently been in, bc I get up, and brush those off. It's bc this is affecting my grades in school, and really need to slap myself and get back on track with my A's.
PPl who might care about me:
@FearlessPhoenix @more coming soon, I have homework to do XD


Oh no I hope u come back after ur break. But this is ur choice!



Aww, thx Tysm!
Gtg one second I brb I pawmiss one sec
Edit: Okie back!! And yes, I'll come back. June 2nd XD thx for asking


Aw, okay. Have fun in life, we'll miss you! :D


Okie I'll miss you

@GreekGoddess2468 tell her I say hi!


Tell her you say what?
Edit: @Kitty4U I see U


:^) byeeeee ☆_☆


Oh BTW I will try to be on in the summer (school iPads)


XD same it's my first summer on HSF and the summers gonna b awesome with it!!


Yay I

Yay I parti

Lel utuber

#latest reply ever XD


Bray bray bray bray bray bray bray bray bray bray bray bray bray
yay yay






I CARE! <:(


Aw I'll miss you @braybraylovesmonkeys :frowning:


Oh geez you guys. R so nice eek!


I´ll miss you alot. Good luck in school.



Ok bye @braybraylovesmonkeys! You will be missed


Aww Tysm I'll still be on but my posts will be proplongwd and short
Edit: Prolongued