If You Had A Title, What Would It Be?



Comeplety crazy boy

I know :smirk:


No I always do that! And I search .I just want a cool topic like @anonymous


Ikr thats same w/ me, i can never come up with a good topic. Well, im gonna continue lookin' at the new topics, my goal is to read all of em. bye!


My title list:
Never perfect, always awesome.
I'm a potato, but at least I'm adorable :3
Hello, kitty.
Hippie headbands and baby ice cubes
(Don't ask about the last one XD)


:joy: I really like that title @EggsOnSaturn1!:grinning::joy:


Mine would be AmazingHopscotcher
Or AwesomeGirl
Or HappyGirl


α••( ᐛ )α•— yu wot m8

get shreked α••( ᐛ )α•—


I already have a title so I don't really Want to change it. But I might want to change it to, " chocolate is salad"



Everyone's addicted to Pokemon go, it's craz- AHHHH ITS A PIKACHU
I love the night. It's so... Dark.
Really. I mean really, really. Really. Really. REALLY??
My enemies are dead batteries and no Wi-FI
Hai, wanna watch the best movie in history? Friendship games, Obvi.


Mine would be :

Hi ! Am I your friend ?


This was probably originally a nudge nudge wink wink type of thing for mods XD

But they're not giving out titles now so...

Anyway, I would probably have my title be "This has gotta be the good life"


Even though some types of titles have been banned mine would be "when you don't know what title you want"


Mine would be
Once you hop you can't stop


Mine would be....ok don't laugh...it's really weird

you may be weirded out

Geocaching is magic guys!
Yes, I'm obsessed with geocaching.


Mine would be save the tacos, they're endangered


My other account is AwesomeGirl06


Mine would be: Crystal Queer or Assthetic


Unlike my very old opinion, it’d now be some Star Wars or Ninjago quote or something.


Actually, it’d be β€˜OBEY ME, PUNY MORTALS!’ That’s me since August last year.