If You Had A Title, What Would It Be?



Mine would be Creator of Astral©

Yeah, it looks nice




Thx :D


Wut. :0

I always use that emoticon. Well, technically this one: C:

EDIT: Le c: face: (c:)



No, I don't want this as a title


Rodrigo, "The Designer". That's it.


But..... You can make titles, right? So you can do that


If you are a moderator, yes. If your a leader, regular, or member, you have ask for them.


Oh. Didn't knew that, thanks!


Actually, Maybe "BUTTERED ANTS!" That's Another Inside Joke.


I like minE.

O rly?

But if I could change it, I would change it to ASHPARUGUSES POSTATOES, anyone?


Here is some stuff :slight_smile:


Dont even ask.
Its an inside joke with my friends.


Mine should be:
Code on hopscotch, you must


Mine would be
Where the Nana Chan lives


Thank you for that edit @Rainboom
'Goaty rocks'


Your welcome!


I'd really like one maybe somethin like

My unicorn stole your icecream

And @Kiwicute2016 would u maybe do a few each week cause like I know u can't do it all the time but what if u did 5 a week? Just ask peeps and the first five get it cause no offence but it's not fair? So could u do this?


Or Colonial Ice cream.

Or Brad. Yes u like that a lot, Brad.

I didn't have time to think. OH NO! I thought.


It would be a regular title.

Cheesy joke. Get it? The regular title?

Is this in help? That category? It seems like I was only half demoted from regular. The badge never goes out of your badges section, and you never lose the title.