If You Had A Title, What Would It Be?



Hey Hopscotchers! I just noticed that I got so many replies on my “Titles For Regulars” topic about if they had the option to customize their title. This is where you could tell the forum what you want you title to be.:grinning:

If u could have a title?
If u could have a title?

I'll start. If I could customize my title, it would be "Aloha"!:grinning:


It would probably be ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Mine would be

Your everyday potato fren


Mine would be I Steal Emoticons :wink:




Hei Chakins


I currently love my title, and it would still be this if I could do my own title. :joy:


Mine would be Awww shucks!!


I would change it to whatever I put as my location as.
Literally, click/tap on my profile pic now and look at the the location thingy.




Haters gonna hate, and the weird peeps gonna be awesome!

Either that or

Smile your :3 off!




I would change mine to something idiotic or weird

Like "my potatoes are on fleek"

Or "your dad tripped and fell on a banana peel and Dorito trucks just made him EXPLODE PEW PEW KABOOM"

(It if it can be that long)



wat with ur super loud stuff


Your volume lol


Mine would be:
Awesome as I wanna be
I'm smart. Get over it.


Jacob Sartorius Rules
Would be my title
But I know that @kiwicute2016 won't change it because she doesn't like jacob
Or donald trump had a bump on his rump


Mine would be 'you can call me goaty'
Or some others
'Gday mate'
'Bacon and eggs rocks'
'Soccer for the win'
'Ashpraugrasis Chakinpotatoes'
'Smol barbecue shape chakins'

Global edit: only edit under here to suggest things that would be a good title for me if i got leader one day

'Goaty rocks'


Mine would be...
What it already is XD