If you had a____


This is part of my series of games to stop flame wars by having kids get to know each other and become friends

Game credit to @ValueGamesStudio

how to play

So someone says something like, "if you had a dog, what would you do?" Or " if you had a cat, what would you do?" The next person then answers. It keeps going on and on.

I'll start with

If you had a feature, what would you do?

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Games to bring the forum together

I would be super excited!! Now do I ask a question?


I would throw a party

If you had a game changer what would you do?




Okay… if @Madi_Hopscotch_ followed you, what would you do?


Follow her back

If @MagmaPOP returned to hopscotch what would you do?


I'd say hi and ask why they left

If you got 2 game changers, what would you do


I would be super excited, and follow him!!

If @SmileyAlyssa like one of your projects, what would you do?


I might quit because I need to get over it

If you got the HS subscription for free (if you don't have it) or lost the subscription (if you have it), what would you do?


I would jump into my pool and start singing

If you got to meet the hopscotch team what would you do?


I'd go back home because I'm tired.


I'd make animations, and use my video-editor app to create song edits, since I can make music.

If you could add one code block of choice to HS, what would you add?


I would start asking them a lot of questions!!

If you met @CodePerfect, what would you do?


I would ATTEMT to do a backflip

If you got 10,000 likes but not get on game changers how would you feel?


Kinda annoyed

If you had everyone following you, but none of them liked ur projects how would u feel?


If I had a hammer


I'd get rid of it and find a screwdriver.

If you had a project on featured, but automatically had it sent to the very bottom and is completely unnoticed, what would you do?


cry continuously in a corner but still brag to my friends that a project of mine is one featured lol